Pet Wellness Exams & Surgical Procedures in Bourne, Massachusetts

Like people, animals require routine services to prevent future health problems. Let the professionals at Bourne Veterinary Clinic in Bourne, Massachusetts, provide pet wellness exams and dental care to keep your animal companion healthy for years.

Annual Exams

Help your pet stay healthy with Annual Wellness exams. During our annual appointment with your pet we will treat any issues and look for any health issues that may arise. We also offer various surgical procedures including spaying, neutering and declawing.

The Benefits of Dental Care

Dental care is essential in maintaining your pet's health. Trust our professionals to provide your pet with dental cleaning and polishing to help maintain his or her oral health. Schedule an appointment at our clinic in Bourne, Massachusetts,for your companion's annual pet wellness exam.
Vet and Assistant with Dog  in Bourne, MA